Vodafone is the second largest telecom operator. With more than 400 million customers around the globe, it really is ruling the mobile network world.

But things get the worst when you face issues with your telecom operator. What if you don’t have their number? It really becomes a menace. That’s why I am here with Vodafone customer care number.

Vodafone not only provides mobile services, but fixed line and internet services also.

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Vodafone Customer Care Contact Details (Toll Free and Paid)

It is true that Vodafone has different numbers for different areas. Still, you can make use of the nation-wide numbers, which I am going to give you.

I hope you have a Vodafone SIM card. You can use the following two numbers for queries related to mobile network services.

Vodafone Customer Care Number

Whenever you face any issues with Vodafone network, you can contact their customer care. Once you dial the number, you will be asked to make a choice. If talking to a customer care executive is what you want, you have to wait for the right option to press the button. The number is 111.

No, the calls to 111 aren’t free. You have to pay 50 paisa per minute. Comparing with Airtel’s customer care call charges (50 paisa per three minutes), it is expensive.

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Free Vodafone Customer Care Number

What if you don’t want to pay anything to get customer service from them? Well, you can go for free Vodafone customer care number, which is 198.

Broadband Support

If you are using Vodafone broadband, the numbers I gave above are of no use.

19071907 is what you want here. Yeah, you can call this number and avail the support even using a landline.

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Vodafone Customer Care Number for Any Phone

The number I gave at first applies to people who have a Vodafone connection only. In case you want to call from another network to get support for Vodafone, you can use the number below.

+91 9885098850 Don’t forget to save these numbers. You can use them later.

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